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Live Ring®

  • LIVE RING® exist to make a lasting positive impact on the people that wear it and the planet they live on. Made from premium natural materials (sand, water, carbon, and oxygen) our softer-than-clouds H2ECO™ flexible elastomer delivers a mind-blowing fit. Each ring is infused with rare earth minerals that naturally absorb and radiate light. This effect serves as a subtle motivational reminder to always stay hopeful and remember what is most important in life. Every purchase provides 1-year of lifesaving clean water💧 to a child in need.

    · Unisex design
    · Uses standard U.S. ring sizing
    · Dims: Sizes 4-8 are 4mm wide 9-13 are 7mm wide
    · Wear a 1/2 size? Size down to the nearest whole size.

  • Your new ring will change more than your wardrobe. When we discovered that waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined we knew we had to help. This is why every purchase provides 1-year of life saving clean water 💧 to those in need.
  • You aren't just choosing size and color, you're choosing your impact on the planet. Every ring is conflict-free and sustainably made from a proprietary hybrid blend of premium natural materials; Sand, water, carbon, and oxygen.
  • Can I exchange it if it is not the right fit? Absolutely. If you select the wrong size let us know and we will send you a new one. You only offer whole sizes, what if I wear a quarter or a half size? Don't worry. Select the next size down. LIVE RING is uniquely designed to comfortably expand to conform to your finger which allows for our whole sizes to include and fit all quarter and half sized fingers. I don't know my ring size, can you help me figure it out? If you do not know your ring size, review our ring size guide (HERE). Is your ring electrically safe? Yes. LIVE RING is non-conductive.
Color: Granite
Size: 4

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