A Reason To Believe

A Reason To Believe

We know how to end the water crisis in our lifetime. With your help, we will.

Right now, there are 663 million people on this planet living without clean water. 663 million! That’s 1 in 10 of us. Or about twice the population of the United States.

Mothers, fathers, and little kids spend hours every day walking to find and collect dirty water. Water that’s shared with livestock. Water you wouldn’t dream of serving to the people you love.


But the real problem here is that we know the problem exists and still haven’t done enough to fix it. 

We partner with local organizations around the world who have years of proven experience in delivering clean water and educating communities about health and sanitation. They know the area, they speak the language, and they work tirelessly to serve their people.

This is about impact. A beautiful chain reaction of positive things that come as a result of having clean water: Healthier families, more time in school, new business opportunities. 



It’s going to take millions of people and millions of dollars, but we believe we will solve this problem. 


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