660 million people around the world lack easy access to clean water. 


How It Works

Every time you make a purchase we provide 1-year of safe clean water to a person in need. We've teamed up with several international NGO partners around the world to help provide clean water and sanitation to communities where it is not immediately available. 

Why Water?

Every 21 seconds a child dies of a waterborne disease simply because they did not have access to safe clean water. To make matters even worse, there are currently more than 660+ million people in the world without access to safe clean drinking water.


Health & Sanitation

With hundreds of millions of people lacking access to safe water, deadly waterborne diseases are able to kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined.

Small children are incredibly vulnerable because they do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.


Dangerous Journey

Everyday women and children leave the safety of their communities to spend on average three hours walking roughly 3.75 miles to fetch disease infested water to cook and bathe with. This terrible reality puts them at an extremely high risk of severe illness and even death. 

The journey to get access to water is not safe. Often times it consists of walking treacherous trails and dealing with dangerous wild animals that impede their trek or are fighting to use the same watering holes. 

A Lifetime of Impact

By providing a community with safe drinking water, mortality and disease rates can drop by up to 88% virtually overnight. With close, safe drinking water, women can provide a second income for their families, contribute to the economic development in their communities, children can go to school, and their time can be better utilized on improving their lives. 

Ready To Make An Impact?