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"These are awesome I never take mine off."

"Love the rings. Super light and comfortable like it's not even there. Really well done."

"So cool! I’ve had so many people stop our conversation just to ask about my ring. It’s perfect.”

"I ordered a ring for myself and then after about a week I bought several more rings to give to my kids and my nieces. They lost their mother to Covid and they are learning to live without her. I hope they see the encouragement through the rings that I do."

"Love the product and mission statement. Best rings in the game."

"This is such a beautiful idea. We can all use a reminder to stay positive these days."

"Like wearing a cloud."

"I can surf, train, and dive in worry free comfort."

Customer Reviews

Based on 329 reviews
Perfect Gift

I bought several of these rings as gift for my daughter. She loves them. She has received so many compliments. Highly recommend.

Very Nice

Love the color of the ring and what it means. Reminds me to stay positive.

Great Ring

This ring is great for someone who has a medical condition that makes it difficult to wear rings. I could not wear my original ring due to swollen fingers and a nerve condition in my fingers and I have also tried other non-metal rings and they seem to bother my fingers also. However, I have had this ring on since my wedding anniversary and I have not had any problems with it.

A Ring For Everyday

This ring is well made and true to size. It is comfortable to wear and I use it everyday. I will be purchasing another to add an option.

Helps my mental strength

I am presently a patient in a wound center. I never know how difficult this healing was going to be. A friend told me about these rings. Needing all the strength and support I would need, I bought one. My nurses were impressed with my attitude which I believe in large part came from my new ring.

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