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Our rings exist to make a lasting positive impact on the people that wear them and the planet they live on. Made from premium natural materials (sand, water, carbon, and oxygen) our softer-than-clouds H2ECO™ flexible elastomer delivers a mind-blowing fit. Each ring is infused with rare earth minerals that naturally absorb and radiate light. This effect serves as a subtle motivational reminder to always stay hopeful and remember what is most important in life. Every purchase provides 1-year of lifesaving clean water💧 to a child in need.

A daily reminder, a lifetime of impact.

A Better Ring, Made A Better Way, Creating A Better World

Every Ring Gives 1-Year of Water

Sustainably Made

Ethical Manufacturing

Always Remember What's Important

Life is full of highs and lows.

Inspired by our planets breathtaking auras and stunning bio luminescence, our rings are infused with rare-earth elements that naturally absorb and radiate light.

This serves as a subtle motivational reminder to always stay hopeful and remember what's important in our lives.

Revolutionary 2-1 Design

All of our rings feature a revolutionary 2-in-1 ring design that combines two separate rings that are seamlessly fused together providing an insane cloud-like comfort fit.

This Ring Saves Lives

When we discovered that waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than HIV, Malaria, and all world violence combined we knew we had to help.
How it works: Every time you make a purchase, we provide 1-year of safe clean water to a person in need.
We've teamed up several NGO partners around the world to build fresh water wells and provide sanitation to communities where it is not immediately available.




Flexfit Technology

As we move our body changes. Our signature flexfit expansion system incorporates three exterior vents allowing your ring to expand and contract lessening stressful contact making it feel invisible and weightless. You won't even remember it's on.

360° Breathable Airflow Channels

Uncomfortable chaffing, bacteria build up, and itchy fingers are now a thing of the past. 360° interior airflow channels provide ventilation removing unwanted sweat and moisture build up allowing your finger to dry faster than a standard ring.

Safety First Design

Traditional jewelry is unsafe to wear 24/7 - which is why we designed our rings to go everywhere you do.

The ultra-low profile resists snags, and if your ring is ever caught a quick-break design allows the ring to snap so your finger won't.

It is also non-conductive, resistant to gas, oil, solvents, and can endure extreme temperatures – from arctic cold to oven hot.

Earth First

You aren't just choosing size and color, you're choosing your impact on the planet. A portion of revenue from every purchase also supports cutting-edge climate change companies who are removing harmful carbon dioxide from the air.

Proud To Be Supported By The Best Athletes In The World

From professional athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, MLS, Olympians, Coaches, Crossfitters, and leading trainers. Join the best in the world supporting our brand and mission.

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Our customers love us and we love them.

We couldn't have said it better.

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Customer Reviews

Kari A.

I'm a little embarrassed but I ordered 8 of them all in different sizes to give to my kids, sister, and friends. I is such a cool way to say: "Keep going. Tomorrow will be better. I got your back."

Medora G.

This ring is definitely a symbol of hope, kindness and empathy for all humanity! I purchased two to remind myself to be humble!!

Matt H.

I couldn’t even tell it was on my finger. Literally just felt like my skin.

Samantha A.

Great product, representing great values. Awesome customer service too!

Kekoa C.

The ring is incredible! Feels like I'm wearing air and I can surf, train, and dive in comfort!

Toni S.

I ordered a ring for myself and then after about a week I bought several more rings to give to my kids and my nieces. They lost their mother to Covid and they are learning to live without her. I hope they see the encouragement through the ring that I do 🥰

Cathleen B.

Got mine and I love it!! It's very comfortable and yes it glows.

Eric S.

Awesome brand and mission. Best rings in the game.

Becky J.

This is such a wonderful idea! I ordered one for myself as I work with people who have recently lost a loved one and the ring is. a great way to remind myself that I have the opportunity to shine a glimmer of hope during their darkest hours.

Leslie A.

Love the idea!! I purchased a couple rings for college aged kid as a reminder to shine light always.

Jessica T.

I’m very active and outdoorsy and was always worried about wearing any kind of jewelry. These rings are durable, great for working outside or camping and I love the design. They stay in place and don’t slide at all. Highly recommend!!

Tera P.

LOVE the color and feels very well made! I haven't taken mine off since it arrived. A really cool brand message and mission and the comfort was better than I expected.

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Such A Cool Meaning

These rings are so cute and have such a genuine meaning. Absolutely love the brand, look and charitable cause. I had to get 2 more!

Always With Me

I never leave home without my ring. A quick glance reminds me to never forget how blessed I am. It reminds my of all the awesome friends I've made, the experiences I've had, and to always believe in myself during hard times.


Received my ring from a close friend and it is amazing. Such a thoughtful and unique gift. Life’s been crazy this year. It’s nice to look down at something on your finger that symbolizes positivity and happiness. Hopefully next years a high rather than a low. Nothing to gain from negativity.

Love it!

I wear it all of the time... love it.

Amazing Ring!!

This ring is aaamazing. The granite color is a really light pearly grey. These rings are slightly shiny so they look a little bit more dressy. Super cute round edges."